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Teemoji Dekh Bhai Result Pocha To Rishta Khatam

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Men Unisex T-Shirts Teemoji

Key Features

  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Dekh Bhai Result Pocha To Rishta Khatam
  • Unisex T-shirt
  • High quality fabric
  • Digital heat transfer printing
  • Printing size on a large/XL shirt will be 10" / 11" in height
  • MAX 50+ Washes for the print

Let’s Tell the world we are not interested to tell them our result! What say? Well we like slang but what we prefer more is the Urdu statements! All the mesmerizing T-shirts which have the message you need to deliver to the world from your side are here with us! We understand that sometimes you need something else to indicate your statement in front of the world, right? This is the reason why “Teemoji Dekh Bhai Result Pocha To Rishta Khatam” is included in one of teemoji’s T-shirts which you can wear and let your clothes speak! So, are you ready to give your clothes the voice? Purchase this T-shirt for men and women now!